Quick Start

Quick start

This guide will help you start using the Wobbl3 ERC20 affiliate protocol in your project. The affiliate protocol enables your community to earn rewards for referring new users to your project.

1. Enter your payout wallet address

This is where your referral earnings will be sent. These will be sent to you for every successful trade completed using your referral link/code.

2. Enter the ERC20 token address

This is the token that will appear as the default selection when people go to buy.

3. Choose your chain


The affiliate protocol is currently only available on the Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain chains. More blockchains are coming soon.

4. Choose your payout currency

Choose whether you'd like to receive your referral earnings in the same token as the one you're referring, or in native currency (ETH, MATIC or BNB).

5. Share your referral link/code

Click below to copy your referral link to your clipboard. You can also embed the iframe code on your website/blog.

Your referral link:

Your referral embed code: