Tag Manager Quick Start

Getting Started with Wobbl3 Tracking and Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Wobbl3 Tracking allows you to track incoming marketing activity (referrals, campaigns, etc.) and attribute it to on-chain events (transactions, smart contract interactions, etc.), enabling you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

This guide will help you through the setup process of Wobbl3 Tracking with Google Tag Manager (GTM). If you are not familiar with GTM, we recommend you to read the official documentation (opens in a new tab) first.

1. Create a new Tag

In your GTM account, create a new tag...

Create a new tag

...and select the "Custom HTML" tag type.

Custom HTML

2. Paste the Wobbl3 Tracking code

Paste the Wobbl3 Tracking code into the HTML field of the tag. We will provide you with the exact code to use.

Paste the Wobbl3 Tracking code

3. Add a trigger

Add a trigger to the tag. The trigger should fire on all pages.

Add a trigger

4. Save the tag

Save the tag and publish the changes.

Save the tag

5. Test the setup

Get in touch with us to test the setup. We will verify that the tracking is working correctly and that the data is being sent to Wobbl3. If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.