Share-2-Earn NFT Protocol

  • An affiliate layer for NFT mints
  • Leverage your existing community to sell out your NFT mint
  • Quickly create an on-chain referral program for your NFT mint

How it works

The layer is a smart contract that allows you to create a referral program for your mint. It's a simple contract that allows you to set a referral fee and instantly generate an affiliate link. When a user buys an NFT through the referral link, the referral fee is automatically paid instantly on-chain.

Recommended Usage

  • Offer a discount to users who use a referral link
  • Set a referral fee of 10-20% to incentivize your community to share your mint
  • Promote the affiliate program to your community and encourage them to share their referral links

Did you use ThirdWeb?

If you have a ThirdWeb NFT contract then setup is easy. Just follow our ThirdWeb NFT guide. If not, not to worry, we support custom contracts too.